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    formulas from linked db (9.0/2001)

    The other day I asked if there was a way to link an access db to an Excel ws- and I found an easy way where you make the changes in Access and they reflect in Excel- w/out writing code or anything like that-however when I'm trying to make formulas in 1 ws of Excel based off the info in another ws (which is the link to Access) the formula returns a 0 (it's a sumif statement). Why is that, is it because it's looking at info from a link? But I don't understand how that would make a difference, because it works fm workbook to wb-is it just a finicky glitch?

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    Re: formulas from linked db (9.0/2001)

    I think the problem must be in your formula, for it shouldn't matter whether the data in Excel are linked to/from Access or not. If you can't determine the cause, could you provide more information? We might decide to move this question to the Excel forum.

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