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    Multiple My Documents (XP Home)

    Can someone please explain something to me.
    In Windows XP (Home) I have three versions of the MY DOCUMENTS folder appearing in the FOLDER pane of Windows Explorer.
    There is a MY DOCUMENTS that, by default, Windows shows as an expanded list when it first opens up. If I click on MY COMPUTER and then click on the C-Drive, there is another MY DOCUMENTS folder. And, at the bottom of the list of files on the C-Drive is a "my name" Documents folder.
    Now these three folders appear to be representations of the same MY DOCUMENTS folder. I say "appear to be" because generally the same files appear in all version. BUT there are files that appear in one version but do not appear in any other version. It seems that the MY DOCUMENTS #1 and #3 are the same but MY DOCUMENTS #2 has entries in it that do not appear in the other two. And vice versa.
    I find this VERY annoying. How can I ensure these folders will always be in sync? Better still how do I get rid of at least two of them!

    Thanks, John

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    Re: Multiple My Documents (XP Home)

    There are "My Documents" folders for each user (eg. - the one with your name on it), a primary, My Documents folder and a Shared Documents folder. The contents of each can be slightly different as some documents are common to all users and some are user specific. I believe that the Shared Documents folder is particular to XP Pro.

    I don't think you can, nor would it be wise to "get rid of" any of them as they are system files. I'll look into this and post back.

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    Take a look here I think you'll find your answer.
    <IMG SRC=>

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