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    Netscape and attachment File names (7.x)

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    My friend is using Netscape to gather his e-mails.

    Some times when he gets a file attached to e-mail messages, and then he saves the attached files, the name of the file gets a huge string appended to it thus making the file extension buried in a string of characters, and he has to clean it up otherwise Windows will not recognize the file as say a JPEG image or an Excel workbook.

    1) Is this caused by the SMTP standard that sends all traffic as text?

    2) Is there a setting that we need to switch to get this taken care of once and for all?

    Thanks for any hints.

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    Re: Netscape and attachment File names (7.x)

    Has your friend tried right-clicking on the attachments and choosing Save As? That should give him/her a choice of which folder to save to and which name to choose. It sounds like they are simply accepting the temp files default. Not everyone wants to save every attachment.

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