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    deleteondition all with where (Access 2000)

    I want to delete all the records from the tables orders and order details,
    where the customerid = 100
    I cannot do it because Access says it cannot delete all the records.
    the three tables are connected like that customers-orders-order details
    The table orders contains the cutsomerid as a foreign key.

    How can i do it ?

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    Re: deleteondition all with where (Access 2000)

    You have two options:

    1) Select Tools | Relationships... Double click the join between Orders and Order Details (on the OrderID field), and make sure that all the check boxes are ticked:
    - Enforce Relational Integrity
    - Cascade Update Related Fields
    - Cascade Delete Related Records
    Click OK to close the Edit Relationships dialog, then close the Relationships window. If you now try to delete the records from Orders with CustomerID = 100, Access will delete related records in Order Details too, after asking for a confirmation.

    2) Another way is to delete the records in the Order Details table first. The SQL for a delete query to do this is

    DELETE * FROM [Order Details] WHERE OrderID In (SELECT OrderID FROM Orders WHERE CustomerID=100)

    Only then delete the records from Orders:

    DELETE * FROM Orders WHERE CustomerID=100

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