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Thread: .DAT files (XP)

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    .DAT files (XP)

    Someone just asked me if there's a way to open and convert a .dat file to Excel. I don't have a file to test, so I was wondering if anyone has had to do this? I'm thinking I'll have to parse the columns, but I'm not sure until I see a file

    This is something that is going to be done quite often, since they are taking readings from machinery in the factory and need to continually analyze it.


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    Re: .DAT files (XP)

    What is the format of the DAT file? Many times these are just plain text files that excel can open directly and then be saved.
    In the file open, just select "all files" and then you can select the DAT file.

    If it can not be read directly, you can try the program that creates the DAT file and see if you can export into an excel or an ASCII (comma delimited, tab delimited, etc) text file.


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