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    Email in memo fields (2k/XP)

    I have been asked to research alternatives to the following existing procedures which use Access and Outlook Express.
    The folks receive emails with information that relates to a specific record in their Access database. They select ALL the text in the email and copy it. They then search their records for that record, and paste the copied text into a memo field. They always put the most current information at the top of the memo.

    Is this the most automation possible, or is there a more efficient means of "linking" (for lack of a better word) or encapsulating the email within an Access record?



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    Re: Email in memo fields (2k/XP)

    I can think of many ways this could be approached.
    Perhaps the easiest (although still a bit manual) is to save the outlook message as a message file, and store the path and filename in Outlook.

    1. In Outlook, find the message. Save it to some file with File, Save As, path / filename. Make sure the save as type is msg.
    2. Store that path / filename in your Access table.
    3. You can open the email message (as a message) by double-clicking it from within Explorer. You can also open it with shell filename.msg (there's an association between *.msg and Outlook.

    It's possible to 'drive' Outlook from Access, getting Access to do the above, but it's quite a bit more coding.


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