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    Auto Numbers (97 sr2)

    Does anyone have an easy way to check auto numbers to make sure there are no numbers missing. We use the auto number field to assign a ID# to records that no one is permitted to delete. We have it set up so no one can delete but we would like to have an additional check that makes sure all the numbers are sequential and that nothing is missing.

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    Re: Auto Numbers (97 sr2)

    AutoNumber is meant to be a unique identifier without any intrinsic meaning. If you really need sequential numbers with no gaps, AutoNumber is probably not the ideal field type. If somebody starts to create a record, but cancels it by pressing Escape once or twice, the already assigned AutoNumber will not be re-used. If no other new records have been added after it, a Compact and Repair will "reclaim" the number, but if other records have been added in the meantime, there will be a missing number and there is nothing you can do about it.

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