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    Modelling (2000)

    Hi, is there a way I can present notes that have been entered in a many part of relationship to be displayed as chronoligal history in a field that will be shown like a word type doc. i.e. first date and notes are typed and entered, 2nd date and notes and so on, then if users want to display all notes for a case they can have these notes showing in a word type doc or at least presented in a field that looks like a word type.

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    Re: Modelling (2000)

    Create a report, and group it by date. You can put the date in the date group header, and the notes in the detail section. Users can export the report to Word; if you keep the layout of the report simple, results will be acceptable (graphics don't get transferred.)
    You could also create a Word doc from Access using Automation, but that seems overkill for what you want.

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