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    Highlighting in a table

    I have a document with 2 one-cell tables in it, each having 24 paragraphs of 80 characters each. I have written a macro in Word 2000 SR-1 that compares each character in the first table to the corresponding character in the second and then highlights the character in the 2nd table if it is different than its counterpart in the first table. However, when a paragraphs consists of all spaces, the highlighting doesn't show. I tried manually highlighting the spaces, but it still won't highlight. If there is one non-space character in the line, then it will show the highlight. I didn't find anything in the MS Knowledge Base- has anyone else heard of this and know how to fix it?
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    Re: Highlighting in a table

    I don't know the answer to the question, but I do know an alternate way of doing what you are doing (maybe).

    Create two new Word documents. In one, paste the text from the first table. In the other, paste the text from the other table. Save both. Close one of them, and close the original (with the two one-celled tables). In the one that remains open, choose Tools (menu), Track Changes..., Compare Documents. You will get the "Select File to Compare With Current Document" dialog, which is really just the Open File dialog with a different title. Browse to the other new document, select it and click the Open button. Word will now show differences, in the one document that was left open, as if you had Track Changes on and typed the changes manually.

    If one of the documents is all spaces, they will still be shown, either underlined or crossed out. You can unclick the Show/Hide button to actually "see" the spaces.

    Your case may be more demanding than this method can satisfy, but who knows, give it a quick try.

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    Re: Highlighting in a table


    It seems that highlighting can't be applied to a space, but you could probably do the same thing, at least visually, using text shading.

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