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    Custom page setup (Publisher 2002)

    I am trying to setup a page that is one third of a standard 11 x 81/2 (US) sheet of paper. The publication would be printed 3 up and then cut into 3 cards 2.83 inches x 3.67 inches. Each card would then fit into a standard #10 envelope. Is this possible?

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    Re: Custom page setup (Publisher 2002)

    Create a new blank publication (8.5 X 11). New publications are set with margins that default to 1". You certainly don't want this for 3.67" X 2.83" cards. Change these to whatever you wish (most laser printers will print to within .25" of the edge of the paper). Then, File, Page Setup. I would assume that you will be using landscape format. In the Page Setup dialogue (layout tab) select Custom. Then, enter 3.67" for width and 2.83" for height (these would be reversed if using portait orientation). When you click on OK, you will see a "page" displayed that is actually 3.67" X 2.83". Then enter whatever information you require on the card and when you print it, 9 identical cards will be printed on your paper. I am using Publisher 2003 but from what I can remember from previous versions, the setup is almost identical. Hope this helps
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