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    Looking up range values (2K-SR1)

    I am attempting to create a list of salary ranges for a membership program at a fitness facility. The fees are based on salary. I do not want my staff to look up the actual salary, so I have downloaded the salary information to an excel spreadsheet, and would like to convert it to a range that matches the ranges for the memberships.

    I have attached a sample worksheet that has 'dummy' data one one tab, and the ranges on another. I would like to keep the tabs separate because the data will be refreshed on a daily basis from a data warehouse. I have looked at the lookup formulas, and cannot seem to make these work for this problem.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance received.
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    Re: Looking up range values (2K-SR1)

    See the attached file. I have changed the Range sheet so that you can use VLOOKUP to get the required result.

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