I'm wondering if anyone out there has any thoughts or tips on rolling out FrontPage within a large organization. One of the things I was hoping to find in FP2000 was the ability to point to a template directory (Like Word/Excel/PowerPoint). For consistency in design.
The best solution for distributing corporate templates that I've been able to find is the creation of a web devoted to templates. When an author opens this web, all the templates stored within it are saved to their local installation of FP. That sounds great (and is better than previous); however, the system breaks down for controlling images. Because the templates (and images included with them) are now local - what happens if the organization decides they want to change their images? The user has to reopen their template web and download the templates again.
Yes, you can make people do this etc. But when other MS programs have such an efficient method for distributing and controlling corp templates - I wonder if I've missed something.