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    Outline Numbered List (XP SP2)

    Okay - now this one is weird. Attached is a document containing two screen shots to a page in a long document. You will see that the outline numbering is different for both (it should be the dash). This is the same file opened on different PCs on the same network. Both PCs have identical font sets, both have the same service packs applied, and in fact we first noticed this about a week ago when the PC that is currently showing dashes, showed hypens and vice versa. We didnt capture a screen shot at the time and couldn't replicate it until today - this is driving me nuts, there is no rhyme or reason for it that I can see.
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    Re: Outline Numbered List (XP SP2)

    What you have discovered is that Word stores some of its list formatting attributes in the registry - so a list may not be relied on to always appear the same (even on the same machine with someone elses log in). Your two machines may differ in the registry settings in some way.

    It is also possible that the two machines are linking to different versions of the same template and the styles are being updated on open. Check this first as you may save a lot of time before following the other path.

    This article by John McGhie (a Microsoft MVP) will go some way to explaining lists for you. This article paints a bleaker picture than I subscribe to but certainly raises key issues. Follow the related links there to get more information about lists and how to correct the issues.

    I believe that all lists can be controlled by using VBA if rules are adhered to by the users. This requires someone to develop the necessary macros and distribute the template to do the job. The users then only need to follow instructions on using the macros and NOT go fiddling in the bullets and numbering dialog. Every trip to that dialog is a recipe for creating problems like you are seeing.

    Let us know how you get on
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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