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    Pagination of doc within a doc (2000)

    When I have a small "independent" document within a larger document (for instance, a guideline within a document explaining the development of that guideline), how can I both paginate for the independent doc (e.g., 4 out of 20) and for the overall doc on the same page (e.g., 61 out of 352)? Similarly, how can I set up a Table of Contents for the smaller, independent doc, based on the paginating of that doc and NOT the overall document?

    Thanks, James Loewenstein

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    Re: Pagination of doc within a doc (2000)

    Edited by Phil Rabichow 2/16/2004 at 1:40 to change the information regarding the TOC & replacing the attachment
    Hi James:
    There are a couple of ways to set up two different numbering systems in a document. See How to Create Two-Page Numbering Schemes in One Document. Although the article says Word 97, it works in later versions. Basically, you need to put the Guideline in its own section, separated by next page section breaks.

    You could use an RD field to give you the original page numbers. The syntax would be something like:

    {toc }{RD "Filepath for Guidelines.doc"}

    Also, you could create a TOC in the original Guideline document, then select everything & press Ctrl+Shift+F9. This will change all the fields to their results. You won't be able to update it after that, but it sounds like you won't have to.

    After thinking this over regarding the TOC, perhaps the best solution would be as follows:
    1. Put the Guidelines.doc in its own section (e.g. sec2)
    2. Bookmark it (e.g. sec2 = its bookmark name).
    3. Restart each section page numbering by going to the header/footer toolbar, deselecting the same as previous button, & clicking the page numbering properties button (the one that looks like a hand). Then restart the numbering in the 3rd section to start with the total from the first two sections+1.
    4. For the TOC for the inserted guidelines.doc, use

    {toc b sec2}

    The b switch will create a TOC for just the section 2 bookmark.

    I hope I've understood what you wanted. See the attached.

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