I'm stumped and can't find help on the Microsoft KB. Maybe you magicians can help...

I started getting some "connection" errors in the last couple months (no, I am too much of an idiot to have been able to recall anything "new" I installed or changed prior to the onset of this problem - I think it took me weeks to realize there was a problem - the problem doesn't show itself very often)

There are several "connection" type programs that "choke":
1) IE5 setup/update (iesetup.exe, 2 different downloads) -
The installation starts, it's initialized, it predicts "Windows 2000 Install - 60MB" - then -
"Setup was unable to download information about the available installation sites. Setup may have been unable to use your current proxy server settings...."
2) Copernic Basic - it has been working until I uninstalled and reinstalled - now...
"An error occurred while retrieving update information..."
3) Napster
It generates an error immediately (before I could scroll through the "I accept...") - but it seems to be "connecting..."
4) Norton Live Update
It generates a message about "firewalls" as soon as it tries to connect
5) TV Guide browser by NeoPlanet
Launches, shows "This page cannot be displayed" for all pages, and then in 3 minutes generates an error...

But there's LOTS that DOES WORK - heavy surfing, file downloading, FTP up and downloads, web publishing from NetObjects Fusion, ICQ, Citrix

The system has Windows 2000 Pro, DSL via a NetGear router and a LinkSys switch, no firewall or internet filtering, "medium" security in IE5.1 w/ SP1

The "events log" / "applications" shows the following message (they all seem to be the same) -
"The description for Event ID (1) in Source (True Vector Service) cannot be found. The local computer may not have the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer. The following information is part of the event."

The "data" that follows the above message is:
"OpenProcessError 87 on process ID xxxx" where "xxxx" changes -
3304 for Copernic
3352 for Napster
3300 for NeoPlanet
[It certainly seems that the "OpenProcessError 87" should have found a hit on the MS KB]

Any ideas?


True Vector Service is done by Zone Alarm - I didn't like it and "turned it off." But it left BIG footprints, and ran 2 services automatically anyway. A few minutes with RegEdit and it doesn't anymore!