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    Digital audio output from CD-ROM

    There are two outputs, analog and digital, in the back of the CD-ROM. What are the differences between these two outputs? On my sound card, there are also two inputs, CD IN and CD SPDF .

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    Re: Digital audio output from CD-ROM

    I think you mean CD SPDIF which is the digital output from the CD ROM to the SPDIF input to the sound card. This type of signal processing is MUCH cleaner and with better clarity than the normal output from the CD ROM to the Sound card, which is usually analog. An analog output is the same as the output to the headphones jack on the CDROM and is amplified enough to drive the headphones and act as an input to the Sound card. After the Sound Card receives the digital signal, it is then processed first then delivered to the audio output jacks.
    Not all CDROMS or Sound cards have the digital processing capabilities, mostly just the newer ones. If you have both capabilities on both of your units, I would try using the digital as first choice. ( you MAY need a CD SPDIF cable to do this, if it wasn't supplied by one of the hardware Manufacturers )


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