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    Week Caculations (All)

    my database needs to record data by WEEK Number. I was using an integer and this worked fine, but now the year has changed and i didn't think that far ahead!
    The user wants to enter the week number (integer) and see the result as an integer.
    I am not sure of the best way to do this?
    a/. -Use Hidden year to calculate from?
    b/. -Convert Week integer to a Date and store this, Then have to convert back to week number for dispaly?
    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
    Thanks DAC

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    Re: Week Caculations (All)

    I presume that your user doesn't want data from 2003 week X mixed in with data from 2004 week X - at least most users wouldn't want that. So you need a unique identifier, whether it is the year or some other identifier. I suppose you could always calculate the week based on a beginning date of say 1/1/2000, and then the week number would be an integer that continued, adding 52 weeks for some years, and 53 for others, but it would get pretty messy. I would use a true date/time field for each record, and then calculate a value for the week number, using the DateDiff() function for any reports or other analysis.

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