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    IMAP problems & cached messages (Outlook 2002 SP2)

    I am having problems with Outlook hanging more and more often. I use it to access an IMAP account, and it generally occurs when I change folders (often to one which has a lot of messages in it) and click on a message whose header has been retrieved, but the rest of it hasn't. The status bar then says 'Updating cached messages' or something along those lines, and then nothing happens - I have to ctrl-alt-del it. I know this problem occurred in Outlook 2000, but haven't seen a knowledge base article describing a similar problem with 2002. Does anyone know a potential cause / solution?



    PS. I forgot to say that it is also now taking AGES to retrieve e-mails when it does manage it - and it never used to take so long. In fact, Windows seems to be very slow now full stop.

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    Re: IMAP problems & cached messages (Outlook 2002 SP2)

    I've only used Outlook Express for IMAP. I suspect, in fact, that the underlying bits and pieces of code might be the same between the two programs. In your searches, you might also look for any clues among articles on OE.

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