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    File Extensions?

    Thanks Dave and Andrew for the help on previous post. Please let me know if THIS should be in another area.
    I guess I don't understand file ext. When the box shows up that basically says "can't open in the current program, please select another..." I hope you know what I mean...anyway, someone once told me NOT to use that to try and find the right program for the extension.
    That's it, how do you know where (and how) to find the program that WILL open a particular extension? For example, a friend sent an e-mail with an attachment. When I downloaded it, the file extension was '.htm' am I supposed to know what that is and what opens it?
    You can't imagine how much I would appreciate help with this. Please feel free to tell me where I can go to get "educated" on file extensions!

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    Re: File Extensions?

    From Explorer:
    Tools | Folder Options | File Types

    This should give you a brekadown of file extensions and their associated programs.

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