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    More Complex Cumulative Total Bar? (XP)


    The attached XL file poses a more challenging setup for making a cumulative stacked bar.
    My last one had just one variable, this one has two.

    Come on Steve - do your stuff man! Seriously - if anyone can advise, I'll really appreciate it.


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    Re: More Complex Cumulative Total Bar? (XP)

    It is not very difficult.
    - Think about which additional data you would like to display in the chart.
    - There is a "logical" place where you should put the formulas to calculate the additional values.
    - Expand the source range of the chart to include these values.
    But your chart seems very strange to me. It doesn't make sense to add population, number of counties and area in one stacked column.

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    Re: More Complex Cumulative Total Bar? (XP)

    I agree with Hans, Why are you trying to plot 3 disparate things onto one axis of one chart. You need to make the chart more meaningful. What are you trying to show from the chart?

    Since you have this data, one way is to show a relationship. In my example I chose a "bubble chart". The X (independent variable) is Area. I assumed that both Number of counties and population should be dependent on area.

    I made 2 charts:
    1)Main relationship is counties vs area. The size of the "bubble" is proportional to the population
    2)Main relationship is Population vs area. The size of the "bubble" is proportional to the No. Counties

    In both I labeled the points with the country.

    To me, this shows relationships and with it you can make points about something. Graphs shuld serve a purpose to illustrate something not just to put data down. You need to ask yourself: What I am trying to demonstrate by showing this data.

    Data Analysis (all "illustrative questions, I am not looking for answers)
    From Chart1 (counties vs Area) I "see" that England has less counties/area than the others (it seems "off the trend-line"). Are England's counties larger (on average)? Are they less efficient in local gov't by having less counties /area?

    From Chart2:
    Like Chart1, England seems "different" than the others: It has more people /area than the others. Is this an issue? Are they less rural?

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