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    Sychronizations (97 sr2 )

    I have two branch-offices but one is not connected to our server. I wish that each sales person inn each of the two offices could enter data into a spreadsheet then send it to me ant then the whole thing would be synchronised for I too could enter data. Can I do this under the tool option, can someone point me to a web site where this is discussed in greater detail. <img src=/S/bwaaah.gif border=0 alt=bwaaah width=123 height=15>

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    Re: Sychronizations (97 sr2 )

    SInce they are not on a network, I can't see how they can ever be "synchronized". You might to keep a "live copy" that is accessible by the offices on the network (I would not "share" allowing only 1 person to enter data at a time.

    For the other branch, they could use a copy of the "full data" (but not to change it) additions would be done on a separate copy and then you would have to manually or via code integrate into the "full one" periodically. For this user you might want to have have 3 sheets: New entries, edited entries and deleted entries. Then the macro would have to add the new ones (easy) or find the changed/deleted ones (more difficult) and then modify/delete as appropriate.

    The networked people would have a almost live copy to work with. it would only "truly" be live after the non-network info is added.
    The non-network would never have a live file only a read-only file and would have to maintain their updates in a separate copy. After the file is sent to you, they must start with a fresh one.

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