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    Microsoft Word endnotes (Word 2003)

    I have an urgent problem i was hoping you may be able to help me with. I am ediiting a
    manuscript in which i was supoosed to create endnotes. There was an odd 500
    of them which were all numbered. However, without knowing i tried to divide
    the footnotes into chapters, starting the numbering for each chapter from 1. I
    did not "create sections" but started using the "custom
    marker" feature to force the footnotes to start from 1 in the subivided
    chapters. However, the Word will not recognize the custom marker feature as a number
    and will not account for it when automatically renumbering the other regular endnotes.
    Now i have the problem that whenever i add or subtract a new
    footnote, even if i use numeric values (1,2,3, etc) for them the automatic
    renumbering systen ignores these custom markers. Therefore, if endnote no. 5
    is a regular endnote and number 6 is a custom marker, when i add another
    endote before 5, that new endnote 5 becomes a 5 and the original 5 becomes a
    6. The custom marker 6 however does not change to corresond with the others meaning i have 2 sixes. I
    then try to change this custom marker to 7 but fall into problems as the
    next time i make a similar change, the sequence becomes messed up again.
    This is the case for an odd 500 or so endnotes that i need to correct. Id
    there a way of forcing the program to revert all custom markers to regular
    endnotes thus allowing even them to renumber after endnotes are either added
    or removed? I would really appreciate this help as it is critical and i have
    a very close deadline.

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    Re: Microsoft Word endnotes (Word 2003)

    Okay, this is a little hard with footnotes AND endnotes AND custom markers. Let me make an assumption: you manually numbered some of your footnotes and/or endnotes, and now would like them numbered in sequence with all other footnotes/endnotes.

    I think I posted a macro for this some time ago... searching... okay, its this thread, and a version for Endnotes is:

    Sub EndnoteRenum()
    Dim fns As Endnotes, intFnCount As Integer, lngRestoreHere
    'Set object reference to the footnotes collection
    Set fns = ActiveDocument.Endnotes
    'Set the default numbering rule (do not restart every page)
    fns.NumberingRule = wdRestartContinuous
    'Loop through the collection checking the reference numbers
    For intFnCount = 1 To fns.Count
    If fns(intFnCount).Reference.Text <> Chr(2) Then
    'This one was manually numbered! Select the reference number
    'Now change it to auto-numbered a la Insert|Footnote
    fns.Add Range:=Selection.Range, Reference:=""
    End If
    'Clean up objects
    Set fns = Nothing
    End Sub

    Hope this helps!

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