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Thread: Named Formula

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    Cecil Rhoades

    Named Formula

    I would like to use the following formula
    M:MyShare[MyFile.xls]Teams'!$A$2 in a named range.
    This formula works fine in a cell, with the Myfile.xls open or closed. However, it only works in the named range when the spreadsheet MyFile.xls is open.

    Am I stuck with this behavior?

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    Re: Named Formula

    I don't understand why you're having problems. You may well need the workbook that the link in the named range points at to be open when you establish the link, but after that you should be okay. Did you go insert/name/define, type "mylink" in the top box, click on the refedit button to the right of the bottom box, navigate to the other workbook/sheet/cell required + select it, click on the refedit button again and click okay? If yes, I'm not sure whether I can suggest anything else.


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