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    Inserting my vcard into my signature (2000)


    I have created a contact for myself in my personal contacts folder and I have inserted it into my signature as a vcard. When I send an email out the person receiving my vcard does not have the contact information displayed properly. For example the word "Business Fax" appears next to my name, the fax number appears after my email address and the display name changes to my name + (business fax) then displays part of my email address, and my pager number. I have tried editing my contact info and have sent out some test emails to people who have Windows 2000 and 2002 and have noticed the Business fax field has the most inconsistent display. Could this perhaps be a bug? Any ideas on how I can correct this problem?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Inserting my vcard into my signature (2000)

    The vCard specification does not support all of the fields you can use in Outlook. Try exporting your vCard to disk, rename the file extension to .txt and open it in Notepad. The fax number should convert to something like:

    TEL;WORK;FAX800) 555-1212

    If you then restore the .vcf extension and import it into Outlook Express, you might get some of the information populated into different fields. What a crazy system!

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