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    Activesynch doing weird things

    WinXP desktop/ Outlook 2003+ Exchange ? server/ ActiveSynch 3.5/ HP Jornada 680e

    I have ActiveSynch (AS) set to manual synch. I place my Jornada in its cradle and AS does all its handshaking or whatever and reports, say, there are 6 calendar events to synch. (That's weird for a start as I haven't done 6 appointments--possibly deleting old events??).

    Anyway, I press the Synch button and AS reports it's synching and then comes back with one unresolved item. I click on the "fix" link. AS goes away and does its stuff and comes back with, say, 4 unsynched items. Press the synch button, AS comes back with 10 unsynched items, try again, unresolved item, "fix" again.....

    This can go on for some time before AS is finally happy. Does anyone have the foggest idea what's going on? I'm on a network, could it be looking at someone else's calendar?
    Keith Rodgers
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    Re: Activesynch doing weird things


    I strongly suggest that you update your ActiveSync version to the latest one as I have had difficulties in the past with an older version. It appears I am using the same set up as you but am using an Ipaq.

    One solution could be to create a new association with your PPC

    Start-->Settings-->About and click on the Device ID tab and change the Device name to Keith_PDA. Click out of it

    reconnect to PC and if a Wizard does not start got to

    ActiveSync and click File-->Get Connected and run the wizard from there.

    I am not sure that this will work to get rid of your bugs but you could try it and see if it creates a unique association with your mailbox and calendar.

    Good Luck


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