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Hi there! I am really frustrated at the moment.

I am trying to find a way to print a bunch of activities in a timeline - not the way a gantt charts shows it all branched out sequentially, but bunched together like a history chart. Outlook 2000 Journal view does a good job but I cannot print this view? I have trawled the web looking for some software that will do the trick, and there is some good timeline software out there (www.timecalendar.com & Timeline Maker from www.progenysoftware.com). TimeLine Maker comes the closest, but I cannot categorise the activities, use different bar colours, or show weeks etc.

I'm just after something that can print a timeline of business activities, relevent public events, corporate milestones, advertising, PR activity, trade shows etc. You know what I mean? Something that prints a correlated set of "What's going on" that everybody can refer to.

Does anybody have any ideas/solutions for this??

thanks in advance, Andrew.
Brisbane, Australia