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    Word to HTML (Word 97)

    I have recently completed a very lengthy document in Word (a manual). It comprises 18 Chapters as separate files which all have a table of contents. These Chapters are accessed via hyperlinks set up in a single file. There are hyperlinks to bookmarks within chapters and to other chapters. All hyperlinks are relative.

    All this works fine on a LAN, however, it does not work well on our Intranet where I would like to house it. The hyperlinks are the problem. When you start digging your way into the document with the hyperlinks the back key takes you back the the very beginning rather than one step at a time. It appears that on the Intranet Words back button drops off and Internet Explorer takes over.

    I have seen manuals made in HTML that work well but my dilemna is that I am not familiar with any HTML and which application I should use. Unfortunately,I have to also maintain a hard copy of the document, so I need an application that will maintain the Word format. I have heard that XML is good, but I know nothing about it other than Word 2003 might be an option. My dream would be to be able to dump the whole project into some application and not have to reformat or redo the hyperlinks.

    I am looking for ideas and a direction to head. Any discussion or ideas would be very welcome.


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    Re: Word to HTML (Word 97)

    From Word 2000 forward, the ability to create HTML versions of documents has become increasingly sophisticated. Either Word 2002 or 2003 should be able to do what you describe fairly easily. The HTML created by Word does have it's own idiosyncracies, but it is reasonably usable.

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