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    Printing Attachment Icons

    One of the people in my office swears that she used to be able to print a message with the icons of the attachments included in the message print out. I have searched through some of my resources and have not been able to find any reference to doing this. Does anyone know how to include the icon in a printed message from Outlook 2000?


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    Re: Printing Attachment Icons

    i beleive this is a feature of RTF formatting only. Or it was removed from OL2000 and worked that way in ol98.

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    Re: Printing Attachment Icons

    Same problem. Used to get the icon graphic to print in Outlook 98 and can't with Outlook2000. I'm using HTML format for my messages and Word as my Outlook editor. I think this is a MS screwup.

    I looked in the Outlook 2000 Help files and the default for Memo Style is that attachments print as graphics.

    When you Print Preview a message you will see that graphic-the icon of the attachment: it just doesn't print.

    When you check Print Attached Files, the icon shows up, along with attachments copies you probably didn't want.

    When you open HTML messages with attachment(s), the attachements icons show up in a separate frame at the bottom of the screen. The Print option that lets you Print Frames separately or "as laid out on screen" is greyed out and can't be changed. There is a Help file that indicates that you should be able to change this feature.

    I've tried switching off Word as the editor, changing to Plain Text, & resetting the Memo style. None of that works I can't send to my people using RTF, so that is not an option.

    I need to be able to print copies of messages with some indication - graphic or otherwise - that an attachment was present. Surely would appreciate help on this one.

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    Re: Printing Attachment Icons

    I use OL2000. I get icons on printouts of plain text messages, but not HTML. In fact, in some cases there is no attachment indicator in my inbox if an HTML message contains an attachment; I think this lack of facility with attachments to HTML messages runs deep in OL.

    So that doesn't solve your problem. You can add the Attachment yes/no field to your messages, so they will indicate whether there is or is not an attachment. MaryJ could tell you whether it is possible to make this stick for all messages, but you can do a one-off by choosing Tools>Design This Form and dragging the Attachment field from the field list to just below the subject line. Then right-click the field, choose properties, click the validation tab, and check Include this field for printing and Save As. Then save and close message, and print. You get the handy notation

    Attachment: -1

    I couldn't find a quick way to make this say "Yes" or "True", but it's a start.

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