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    need a check box in c2 thru c44

    I have a 43 question questionnaire set up as an Excel spread sheet: 3 columns wide by 44 rows with the first row having database field names. The first column is the question number the second is the question itself and the third is my problem . I would like it to be a check box that is checked if the answer is yes. In the end I want to import 600 spread sheets into a single access data base. So how can I make check boxes in c2 through c44.
    here is my example :
    a1 b1 c1
    Q1 Do you need more training in the use of excel forms ()

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    Re: need a check box in c2 thru c44

    If you go view/toolbars/control toolbox, click on the checkbox, move your cursor to whre you want it and click once, you should get what you're after. But do you want the value of column c to change if you're importing to access? if you do then back on the control toolbox toolbar, click on design mode. now go back to the check box and right click and select properties. you should get a properties box come up, with linked cell as one of those properties. in the properties box type c1 - or similar - and now when you check the check box the value of c1 will change between true and false. You can then move the check box over the cell to hide this statement and play with the other properties - caption and backcolour sound like a good place to start - to get it looking how you want.


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