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    Subreport problems (Access 2000)

    I have 2 queries, qryinput and qryoutput.I have to substract the cartons from qryinput from the qry output.I cannot do it with a third query since the queries
    are incompatible, and i want to do it with subreport. If i place a control in the page header section like:
    i receive the figure only for the first product and not for the all products.If i succeed to place controls in the detail section for each product for the
    both subreports, and then substract for each product, then my case is solved.But this can not be done with my skills and i am asking for help

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    Re: Subreport problems (Access 2000)

    If you have successfully placed controls in the page header, just move them to the detail section. I'm not sure I understand your problem.
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