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    Security: Removing a web (FP 98/2K)

    How do you remove a web name from the recently opened web list. Actually, what I really care about is preventing the display of the user name I used to log into and edit the web with.
    There used to be a setting in FP97 .....
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    Re: Security: Removing a web (FP 98/2K)

    You can edit the list in the registry here:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftFrontpageExplore rFrontPage ExplorerRecent File List

    I did try deleting an entry before posting this. In the registry entry I found 4 entries. I tried deleting No4 but was unable to - even with FP closed - until I had rebooted.
    If you are wanting to remove an entry that is NOT the last entry, I think the required method is to either rename the higher numbers to fill in the gap, or rename the web names by shuffling them up the list. i.e. you do not want to have a missing number.
    Alternatively, you could try renaming the specific web with another web address that you are less concerned about.


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