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    Embedding JPGs (97/2000)

    Have a database where I want to embed pictures associated with particular boats, I have set the table to have 3 possible pictures, all as OLE objects. When I insert the pictures (Insert From File), I get an icon to the picture rather than the actual picture. While I can double click and get the JPEG up in Outlook, I want the actual picture to appear in the database. What am I doing wrong ( answers may not exceed 2,000 words - I just mean what am I doing wrong with this database not the rest of my life { - }
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    Re: Embedding JPGs (97/2000)

    Embedding pictures in OLE fields in a table is not a good idea - it causes tremendous bloat. Access stores an uncompressed bitmap image alongside every jpg, so a single 640 by 480 pixel colour image will take up a megabyte or more. The preferred approach is to store the path / filename of pictures in the table, and to use code to display the pictures on a form or report. The database attached to <post#=296892>post 296892</post#> demonstrates how to do this.

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