I wonder if someone could confirm for me whether there is a bug in Word 2002 relating to Smart Tags.

Our Users have numerous contacts inserted into their Contacts folder in Outlook. They type the Contact's name in Word and wait for the dots to appear. When they do, they then hover over the name and get the Smart Tag option. However, sometimes the full Smart Tag list doesn't appear. Normally they get the Person, Send Mail, Schedule a Meeting, Open Contact, Add to Contacts, Insert Address, Remove this Smart Tag and Smart Tag Options, but other times, although the dots are there, part of the Smart Tag list is missing e.g. no Insert Address option, or sometimes they get an error which says that the contact cannot be found. The contact is there and so is their address. However, we did notice that if the contact's name isn't typed into Word exactly as it is in Outlook, it doesn't always pick up the name and assign a Smart Tag to it!

The problem is intermittent, but closing Word and re-opening it again fixes the problem, but we just wondered whether this was a known problem.