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    Which updates? (Office 2000 + Word 2002 (Works))

    Hi Folks,

    I have what is probably not as unique a problem as it would appear to me. A long-time Office 2000 user with no burning desire to upgrade, I recently had to switch to Word 2002 for a client. So I bought and installed Works 2004, which includes Word 2002. It uninstalled Word 2000, but I still have the rest of the 2000 suite intact.

    My question is this: How do I keep Word up to date, i.e., what updates should I be applying and how? When I tried to use Office Update, it would only find me Office 2000 stuff, but nothing for my new version of Word. Should I find and install the Word 2002 updates separately or can I safely download and install the Office 2002 service packs, etc., along with those for Office 2000?

    Any advice greatly appreciated!!


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    Re: Which updates? (Office 2000 + Word 2002 (Works))

    I think you better stick with the product-specific updates for Word 2002. You won't have the bits and pieces (or the Office XP CD) the Windows installer will need to apply Office-wide updates.

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