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    Table Styles (XP)

    Dear Loungers,

    There must be others out there who have now tried using table styles (and list styles). What I want to know is "is it worth it?" I have old-fashioned paragraph styles which all my templates use for tables, they are similarly named to my standard paragraph styles so it is easy to understand their intended usage for instance: Table BodyText 1, Table Heading 1 etc. These work well but now that WORD is trying, as ever, to be helpful with the automatic application of some of the table styles (even when it shouldn't) I have eventually been persuaded to get my head round this and create some proper table styles of my own - I reckon always that this is much safer than using any delivered or default WORD styles.

    So "is it worth it?", what are the pitfalls and drawbacks discovered thus far and has anyone written anything comprehensive on this aspect of formatting? Similar questions come to mind with list styles, and could it be that they eliminate the black hole of list templates???

    Can anyone point at previous discussions or reference material before I go down another branch of the WORD labyrinth by myself without a compass and certainly having given up on a Microsoft map?

    many thanks


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    Re: Table Styles (XP)

    Hi Liz:
    If you do a search for the exact phrase "table style" here in the Word Lounge, you will see a number of discussions about table styles in Word 2002.

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