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    System Boot By Keyboard?


    I have a Gigabyte 8KNXP motherboard (BIOS F5) which, when I purchased it, allowed me to boot the system simply by touching any key on the keyboard. It also had some detection issues with the onboard Gigabyte IDE RAID (sometimes it detected them at cold boot, sometimes it didn't) but I just lived with that.

    Some 8 months later I decided it would be quite nice to boot off the internal RAID which meant I needed reliable detection of the internal RAIDED disks so, figuring it was likely a BIOS issue I upgraded to the latest BIOS (F9).

    The result was that my keyboard boot system now no longer works by touching any key ... I don't remember exactly what the options were before but now they are:

    Power On By Keyboard: [Disabled] [Password] or [Keyboard 98]
    KB Power ON Password [Enter]

    And I have got round my problem by configuring it that a single letter password is required i.e. I now hit the "Z" key and the system boots, better than nothing but a little strange I feel. Worse though is the fact that now some of my programs generate errors that even reflashing to BIOS F5 does not resolve (nor does it bring back the original any key boot keyboard feature).

    Has anyone got an explanation for this? Do I need to rebuild my PC to get those programs to work again (I've tried reinstalling and they still wont run)?

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    Re: System Boot By Keyboard?

    Go into Device Manager and see if your computer is recognized as being ACPI compliant.
    If not check to see if ACPI in enabled in the BIOS. If not, enable it and save settings.
    See if your options have changed.


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