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    Visio Resources for Power Users


    I admit it. Visio has always been one of my weaker links when it comes to productivity applications (right up there under Project). After much combing through Amazon's offerings and finding scattered resources across the web, I have decided it is time to ask my fellow Loungers if they know of a good desktop resource.

    I can do the basics with Visio, basic charts that look decent and so forth. I want to become effective. My company is standardized on Visio 2000, and I would like to develop proficiency in some of the more advanced capabilities. For starters, creating decent templates that can be utilized by other team members with the goal of making them customer presentable. Perhaps at some point there will be some interconnection between Excel and/or Word, again with the ultimate goal of the client in mind. Currently preparing a customer project requires interaction with several applications including those previously noted.

    I am not averse to e-zines, but having a desktop reference that is not overly basic -- and not overly advanced -- would be ideal. Translation: no "Dummies" series, but also nothing that is going to require a degree in advanced VBA either. Suggestions?

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    Re: Visio Resources for Power Users

    Mark--I tried to get off the beaten path for books you might not bump into on Amazon:

    For a start, besides the obvious Visio Inside Out which you would see in bookstores and on Amazon, I really like these, and I think the Advanced version would suit you. They aren't just visual picture books; they go all out to put in good information and diagrams. Regretably, these are few and far between in bookstores, and show up at campus stores ordered by profs for classes, but you can order from here. Unfortunately these aren't due until August.

    Thompson: Visio Professional Advanced and Viso Professional Advanced Instructor's Edition Due August 04


    Wordware Visio Check for 2003

    DTP Graphics Visio


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