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    set default spell language using registry (PowerpointXP)


    Do you know if theres a registry key to set the default language for spelling in powerpointXP.
    We currently have the default language set to English US. We would like to change the language from English US to English Australian.
    How does this effect the proofing tools? ie if we amend the spelling default language do we also have to set another proof tool?
    Is there like a global registry setting we can set to Australian that would be applied to all the XP app's? or do we have to set the language for each application?

    many thanks & regards

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    Re: set default spell language using registry (PowerpointXP)

    PPT generally picks up its default language from the keyboard. To change from English US to English Australian, you'd have to do this in Windows Control Panel's Regional Settings area (on the Languages tab, click the Details button to get to the Keyboard language setting).

    After you change that, test PPT to be sure it's picking up the correct language by going to Tools/Language.

    Finally, if you've been working with English US, probably most of the existing textboxes in PPT are tagged as such and will remain so. You'll need to change those to English Australian manually, as PPT won't just change those automatically. You can do this to each and every individual textbox if you want (right-click and use Tools/Language), or you can run code to do it. Here's a KB article which gives sample code. This specifies PPT 2000, but it should work in 2002 (aka PPT XP) as well.

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