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    Losing Data when Reinstalling W2K

    A friend, who uses w2k because he is blind and it works best with his screen-reader program, says that he has been told by Dell that his 'operating system has been corrupted.' Whatever the problem is, his computer is not working. Like many folks he does not back up as often as he should. Rather than reformat his HD (and lose everything) he would rather just reinstall w2k. But he's been told by another friend that, if he does, he will lose the contents of his "My Documents" folder. I think that sounds strange and would invite comments from anyone who has reinstall w2k and whether it has or has not deleted the "My Documents" folder. Thanks to all who may respond.

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    Re: Losing Data when Reinstalling W2K

    Well, I will be one to heartily disagree with that simply because it's not true. If you format the drive during the re-install, then yes, you will lose everything. But if you attempt a repair installation or what is called an "in place upgrade" (installing Windows 2000 into the same partition it already lives in) then there will be no data loss unless something is wrong with the hard drive itself. A repair usually works, an in-place upgrade will reset everything and software that was installed before will need to be installed again

    Hopefully you can assist your friend as I am not aware of any screen reader that will work during the installation of Windows 2000.

    Also, after a repair or in-place upgrade, all patches and service packs will need to be reinstalled; however, this seems like a small price to pay when you are saving your data.

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