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    Calendar Clean Up (2000)

    I recently tried to check my Outlook calendar for an appointment about 1 year ago. It seeme that the diary is totally blank more than 6 months back!

    Does Outlook have an automatic mechanism for clearing past items? Is there in fact any manual method of determining how much past data is held in the Calendar?
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    Re: Calendar Clean Up (2000)

    Perhaps AutoArchive is the culprit.

    Right-click your calendar (or any other folder) in the Outlook Bar or in the Folder List.
    Select Properties.
    Activate the AutoArchive tab.
    There are three possibilities:
    (1) Do not archive ... - AutoArchive is probably not the culprit.
    (2) Archive ... using the default settings - click Default Archive Settings...
    (3) Archive ... using these settings - custom settings are specified.

    If you do have AutoArchive on, the old appointments have been saved in an archive pst file; you can open this file to view them.

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