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    E-mail address forwarding (IE 6.0)

    Although this may not be germane to IE; <img src=/S/confused.gif border=0 alt=confused width=15 height=20> can anyone describe the process to insure continuity of e-mail service when changing ISPs??

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    Re: E-mail address forwarding (IE 6.0)

    If your ISP is the host for your email address, the best you can do is to make sure your new address is set up and advise your contacts of the change in advance. This would apply to mailboxes that are set up with say, Time-Warner's RoadRunner internet service, where you would have an email address like If you change providers, that email address will not follow you to the new provider.

    However, if the email address is from a domain that you run, such as a website that you maintain, the best practice is to advise your contacts that there may be a short period while the DNS servers on the web are updated with your new IP address. For example, my address continued to deliver messages when the Lounge recently moved to its new server, but some got trapped on the old server in the process. Fortunately <img src=/S/claude.gif border=0 alt=claude width=21 height=21> and <img src=/S/wolfman.gif border=0 alt=wolfman width=18 height=24> were able to forward them to me. On my personal website, I was able to access my "old" email account by using the IP address of the web server that the hosting company provided. As the DNS servers updated (24-48 hours most times) all mail started coming to me as it should have.

    Hope that helps,

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