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    Tracking sales (Access 97)

    (Subject edited by HansV to be more descriptive than 'Access')
    (Thanks very much! Tabitha)

    I am trying to modify an existing database so that I can track how much of what product a customer has bought. I tryed to do this with a Wizard which created a "Sales" type database, but I don't understand how it works, so I can't change it to do what I want. Either I need to copy something someone else has made, or I need a step-by-step tutorial that addresses this issue.

    The product list numbers about 40 and products are continually being added, and retired. We give 10 free to a department of certain things, and then start charging, but I have to track the inital 10 items.

    Any and all help greatfully received.


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    Re: Tracking sales (Access 97)

    The basic design of this database would require 3 tables. A Customer table, a Product table, and a Sales table.

    The Customer table would have CustomerID, CustomerName, etc.

    The Product table would have ProductID, ProductName, etc.

    The Sales table would have CustomerID, ProductID, etc.

    The Sales table is the "many" table in 2 one-to-many relationships, with both the Customer and Product tables. Therefore, to specify a Sale record, you need to know the Customer and the Product.

    If you have a form for Customer entry, you can add a subform based on the Sales table. This would show you all sales to that Customer.
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