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    Save As HTML (Word97/Word2k)

    The HTML converter in Word97 is much simpler (and better in several ways) than the conversion method of Word 2000. It doesn't do as much marking up and I prefer to use it.

    1. Is there a way to make Word 2000 use the simpler method of Word97?

    2. Is it possible to run both Word versions on 1 computer without problems (as a workaround)?

    3. Is there a plug in for Word 2000 that will generate plain HTML?


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    Re: Save As HTML (Word97/Word2k)

    In regards to #2...
    "Without problems" is a pretty tall order!
    I wrote this in a previous post by web_surfer entitled "Preparing to Install Message when starting Word 2K":

    >>FYI - I ran into this problem at my old job and another "feature" of W2k is that once it's installed it becomes your default when opening new docs from anywhere else (like an e-mail or windows explorer) even if the doc was originally created in W97 and you have both programs on your machine.

    If you were working on something in W97 and went to explorer and opened another document, W2K would take over and install itself. (It is adamant about being the dominant program and it's not too fond of other roosters in the hen house.)<<

    I used to run both programs on one computer and the only real problems I ran into were more annoyances... like the above.

    hope this helps a little!
    have fun

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