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    Tables: Gridlines printing (2000)

    I'm having an issue with a nested table. I have a small nested table in a large cell of another table. The large cell is filled with grey shading. No borders have been applied to the nested table, but the right-most vertical gridline prints white. Very frustrating. Any ideas?


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    Re: Tables: Gridlines printing (2000)

    Hi Donna:
    Since it prints, it's probably a border, rather than a gridline. If you place the cusor in the cell & press Alt+Ctrl+U, does it go away? That shortcut key removes borders from tables. How do you know that it prints white: are you printing on colored paper?

    I'm not sure about the grey. Could the table be in a field with Tools/Options/Field Shading set to always? Can you copy the table to a new document & if it still exhibits the problem, post it here so we can look at it. Remove any confidential data first.

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