Hello all,

We are having a very strange problem with Outlook XP that as far as I can see has not been covered on here before. One other user seems to have had a very similar problem 18 months ago but I don't think he got any answers. His message is here http://www.wopr.com/cgi-bin/w3t/showthread...t&Words=deliver folder change&Match=And&Searchpage=0&Limit=99&Old=allpost s&Main=176658.

My problem is essentially the same. We run Exchange Server 5.5 SP3 and have about 50 PC's on our LAN. Most use Windows 98 and Office 98 and have no problems, but a few of the newer machines use Windows XP Pro and Office XP. On these newer machines email does not seem to arrive "immediately" but instead takes literally hours to arrive UNLESS the recipient clicks into any other folder in their mailbox. As soon as another folder is clicked Outlook seems to wake up and suddenly a rush of mail arrives. We have set the machines to Send & Receive regularly but neither this nor forcing a Send and Receive solve the problem and the mail remains undelivered until the change of folders.

Any thoughts?