What's with OL2003 mysteriously adding "On this machine only" condition to my new rules? I am not in an enterprise environment - no server to save rules on, even if I wanted. It seems this was ID'ed during Beta but... ?

I assume it is either an Undocumented Feature (AKA" "Bug"), or intentional but perhaps poorly titled?

What's odd is that the condition is not selected at first but OL Rules Wizard adds it in a couple steps later. You have to back-up to deselect it again.

Anybody know the story? With the condition deselected, does Outlook try to find a server all the time? I don't notice any processing speed difference, but I doubt I could tell (it's not like I get exactly 100 emails hitting the same Rules every time I receive mail - no consistency to get a sense of timing).

Is there a Registry patch maybe?