Forms newb looking for help adding a simple 'Marketing' tab to the contact item. I've got the basics of the form layed out. I'm stuck on how to search thru journal entries. (Assuming this will be a VB Script solution....?)

Bkgd: When I make phone calls or mail marketing literature, I log these items as journal entries with appropriate event names. I'd like a tab in the contact item to customize how I do things.

#1 - The activities tab is too broad. It shows forwards, deleted items, etc. that I am not interested in. It is also inconsistent in reporting dates. (Sometimes the appropriate field is 'Start', and sometimes it is 'Sent') I'd like to recreate this to show only specific entry types, and sort them by the actual date.

#2 - I'd like to create a tab called Marketing containing the following:
- Pulldown containing integer values specifying how often to mail this contact.
- Uneditable field showing date contact was last mailed (by searching journal entries)
- Uneditable field showing date for next mailing (I could use this field to search thru contacts and perform a mail merge)

Those are the basics I am trying to tackle. Any suggestions?