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    Keep the Slides, Change the Music (XP)


    I hope the answer to this is not too involved....

    I have a 3 minute PowerPoint presentation, consisting of 8 slides. I have set this presentation to continuously loop. I have music playing during the presentation. Now, 3 minutes of music, heard over and over again, can be a form of torture. So I'd like to change the music that plays in the background while the presentation is playing. Ideally I'd like to have about 12 different 3 minute .wav files.

    So far, my answer has been to duplicate the slides and change the .wav file on each "first slide". Right now, my presentation is 24 slides (3 loops), with a different .wav file on each "first" slide. But the presentation is getting really large when it really doesn't have to. So, can I set this presentation up to change the background music each time it starts over?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Keep the Slides, Change the Music (XP)

    One of your issues may be that .wav files get pretty large too - a 3-min file is like to run 40MB or so if it is at all complex. You are getting close to a full CD at that point with 12 of them. You might consider using .mp3 files instead - they usually pack to about 4MB for decent quality 3-minute file.

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