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    Not My Mail (Mozilla 1.5)

    Running WinXP Home, IE 6.0, Moz 1.5 All updates and AV installed and no virus shows on the scan or scum on AdAware. I am getting Email from the Mail Returned office showing messages supposedly sent by me to addresses I never heard of. Can someone please explain how this occurs and WHAT if anything I can do to prevent it? Thanx a bunch.

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    Re: Not My Mail (Mozilla 1.5)

    Hi PaJan

    Someone has likely used a virus to obtain your email address from someone you have sent email to or some poorly protected web site you have submitted it to.
    Your address has then been used as the Sender for a spam attack.
    Those with good spam filters are rejecting the spam and it is being returned to you.

    My suggestion would be to hold the Shift key and press Delete on all these messages without previewing or opening them as they may infect your computer.
    Note that holding the Shift key while deleting means you cannot get them back .

    Have a Great day!!!
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