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    Style Sheet Problems with Win98 (IE6sp1 832894)

    Just trying to gather some information on the number of people having this problem. Seems to be rare, but that of course means I will get it!

    After applying the newest IE6 update I am having problems with viewing some of the pages on Microsoft's web site. A good example is here.

    The problem seems to be linked to the downloading and de-encryption ("Transformation") of the Style Sheets. The Search Results cannot be displayed on that page because the indicated Style Sheet in the TIF contains complete gobbledygook. For some reason, the sheet cannot be properly downloaded and Transformed into an appropriate XML document.

    This seems to again relate to the urlmon.dll IE extension as swapping out this file alleviates the problem.

    How many people have this problem?? Thanks.

    I have a little more data. The problem seems to occur on some Win98SE machines, but also on WinXP machines. The XP machines tend to have problems if and only if the Advanced tab has "Do not save encrypted files to disk" box checked. In this instance, the page linked to above fails to work properly.

    The problem seems to be that Internet Explorer fails to decode the 'g-zipped' JScript and CSS files that are needed to form the XML document used to display the Search result. The downloaded SearchResults.js and SearchResults.css file are stored in the TIF as an encoded (binary) file. When IE tries to use those files, they cannot be used and the TransformResults() function (which normal resides in the SearchResults.js file) fails.

    So, if you have WinXP, please check the "Do not save encrypted files to disk" box and try to use that page. Tell me what happens. Thanks.

    Edit: Sadly, tonight (Sunday) Microsoft decided to move that page -- now my link does not demonstrate the problem!! Too late for me to find another page tonight....

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    Re: Style Sheet Problems with Win98 (IE6sp1 832894)

    I don't know how wide spread the style sheet problem is; I'm looking. But the patch isn't proving to be effective for everyone for it's stated purpose.


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